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I am moving my pattern structure to be based on your measurements, so this will put you at the front of the pack with all the essential measurements! I'll explain how to add them into my sizing table (or yours).

Jill Wolcott

Jill is trained as a fashion designer with a focus on garment construction and pattern making. She turned to hand knits to be able to create both the fabric and the shape. Jill is always thinking about knitted things and how to guide knitters toward a successful knitting experience. Most importantly, Jill is obsessed with fit. She blends years of experience, research, and application to finding a better path to fit. Jill’s classes blend her wealth of knitting knowledge with a sense of humor and fun.

Jill taught line development and portfolio development classes, among others, at FIDM, from 2000 to 2016. She was an award-winning faculty member. Fit is critical to Jill’s view of garment design; she teaches grading to knitwear designers and has developed sizing guidelines for industry companies. Jill has her own line of knitting patterns and eBooks. She is co-author, and illustrator, of YNotKnit: Step-by- step instructions for Continental knitting and knitting basics.

Jamie Whitcomb

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